Yes, you can replace your roof in the winter.

Replacing your roof during winter is not as uncommon as you think. Certain circumstances like location and harsh weather conditions can cause the roof replacement process to be slower and more expensive due to more dangerous working conditions. However, the upside is there is low demand for roofing during the winter, so no wait times.

It is important to hire a reputable roofing company that can recognize if the cold weather will affect the quality of your roof replacement. Restorations by Highmark’s team of certified roofers are experienced and comfortable working in cold temperatures and have zero problem adapting to the weather.

The pros & cons of having your roof replaced in the winter


  • Low demand for roofing replacement in winter which makes it easier to find a reputable roofing company for your repairs or replacement.
  • No wait time to start your roofing project.
  • Heat and warmth from your homes heating system promotes adhesion.
  • Roof repair and replacement prevents further damages and helps maintain structural integrity.


  • Not all roof types can be repaired in cold weather conditions.
  • Asphalt shingles are more brittle in cold weather and prone to breaking or chipping.
  • Problems with thermal sealing
  • More dangerous working conditions for roofers.
  • Roofing services during winter tend to be more costly.

The decision of repairing or replacing your roof during winter should depend on the damage caused by postponing the work. In most cases, roof replacements in winter have a greater sense of urgency due to further damages if not repairing right away. It’s best to wait until the spring when temperatures are above 50 degrees if possible.

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