Answers to frequently asked water damage questions.

Q: There’s standing water in my basement…what should I do?

A: Quickly assess if the area is safe to enter. Avoid walking through water, as there is risk of electrical shock, especially if the water is 2 inches deep. Turn the power off and call a plumbing professional to report the situation. Call us next! We can quickly assess the extent of damages and begin working to mitigate the effects of the water. We then start the dry-out processes and prevent further damage, including mold growth.

Q: We had a water leak and fixed the problem, but there are water stains on the ceiling…should I be worried about this?

A: Visual cues help you determine if the water stains are new or old. The age of water damage can be estimated by the rings. Newer signs of water damage will be a dark spot while older water damage develop a ring or even multiple rings. Mold is also an indication of water damage and is directly visible to the eye. If you notice any of the above signs of water damage, contact us for a free inspection.

Q: How do you dry out my home? How do I know if things are really dry?

A: Our Certified Applied Structural Drying technicians use a variety of techniques along with industry-standard premium drying equipment to ensure your home is thoroughly clean and dry. Afterward, we perform moisture readings to verify the drying is complete, as well as conduct mold testing to establish no mold is present.

Q: Can any of our things that got wet be salvaged?

A: We often times salvage belongings that our clients didn’t think could be saved. While we do our best, every situation is different and dependent on the extent of the water damage. We closely work with you to inventory, pack, and remove affected belongings to a separate location for the cleaning and restoration process.

Q: We can’t stay in our home until it’s fixed, but I’m not sure where we should go. What are our options?

A: Our concierge service helps line up comfortable living accommodations for you and your family. We’ll do whatever it takes to help find the right accommodations until you can return back home again. Call 952-882-8904 for help.