Important safety tips for this holiday season

Based on the new NFPA report, Christmas trees cause an average of 160 fires a year. This takes an average of 6 lives while injuring 16 people and causing 16.2 million dollars worth of damage. What caused most of these fires? A heat source was responsible for 26% of the fires. To break this down further, 18% of fires were caused by decorative lights, while 11% of incidents involved wiring.

Christmas trees can burn quickly. How quick? Within a couple of seconds, just watch the video below.

Christmas tree safety tips

  • Make sure the lights are designated for indoor use.
  • Check to make sure there are no exposed wires before hanging them on the tree. You never know if some mice got into your holiday decorations!
  • Make sure the cords on the strands are tightly plugged in together.
  • Don’t leave the tree on unattended.
  • Don’t put a source of heat (candles, space heater, fireplaces, etc.) anywhere near the tree. Candles are responsible for about 38% of decoration fires.
  • Keep your eye on your pets and how they interact with the tree.

Once the holidays are over, check with your local community to find out where you can recycle your tree. Happy Holidays!