It’s time to act quickly.

Q: What if I have a fire in the middle of the night, or it’s a weekend?

A: Always call 911 first in an emergency. Once the fire department is on site and you and your family are out of danger, call us at 952-882-8904. Fires happen at all hours, which is why we’re near our phones 24/7/365. We’ll be there within an hour of your call (or sooner) if you live in the Twin Cities metro area.

Q: I can’t stay in my home, but I’m worried to leave everything because people could easily get in. What should I do?

A: When you call Restorations by Highmark, we’ll make sure your home is secured before leaving the premises. We’ll board up damaged windows, doors, or other points of entry. At your discretion, we can move any valuables to a different location.

Q: There’s more damage from water than fire… can you fix that too?

A: Putting out fires usually means water damage in addition to soot, smoke, and charring. Highmark is certified in water clean-up and dry-out processes as well as repairing and rebuilding damaged structures. In fact, you can rely on us to fix and restore your home no matter what kind of damage it has sustained.

Q: Can any of our things that got damaged by smoke or water from putting out the fire be salvaged?

A: We carefully inventory all affected belongings and move what can be salvaged to a separate location for cleaning, drying, and restoration. How much can be saved depends on the extent of damage, but typically, more is salvageable than you might realize.

Q: My fire was small and I put it out myself, but it still did damage; can you help?

A: Absolutely. Even small fires such as a stovetop mishap can result in damage. If a fire’s cause is not obvious, we can usually help you determine the cause and take steps to fix any underlying issues. We can also repair damaged walls, ceilings or other structures.

Q: We can’t stay in our home until it’s fixed, but I’m not sure where we should go. What are our options? And what about our pets?

A: Our concierge service can help with lining up accommodations in the short term, such as hotel rooms, as well as living quarters when extensive repairs or rebuilding can require weeks or months away from your home. We’ll do whatever it takes to help find the right accommodations for you—and your pets—until you can return home again. Assistance and information is just a phone call away at 952-882-8904.

Q: We had a fire and everything is burned or damaged—important papers, identification, even our clothing. What do we do?

A: That’s what our concierge service is here for. We can provide credit cards for purchasing basic necessities like food and clothing, and help you begin to recover important documents and identification. We can also help provide accommodations, transportation, pet care and more. Assistance and information is just a phone call away at 952-882-8904.